A Permission Slip for My Son on his 18th Birthday

To Whom it May Concern:

I hereby give permission for my son to do the following:

  1. Disappoint me
  2. Make as many mistakes as necessary
  3. Change his mind
  4. Adopt a point-of-view different than mine, in any area
  5. Stop worrying about me and his other family members
  6. Refuse/neglect to seek my advice or guidance
  7. Keep whatever he needs to private
  8. Express any emotion
  9. Choose whom he loves, where he works, where/how he lives, and how he spends his free time
  10. Decide when and how he visits home
  11. Develop his own voice and personal style
  12. Express himself creatively and otherwise in whatever way he wants
  13. Find his own spiritual path
  14. Work according to his own timelines
  15. Make decisions based on his own set of principles and values
  16. Not answer a phone call or text from me
  17. Question everything, especially authority
  18. Prioritize himself

This permission is given freely and will be given constantly without application of guilt. This permission slip is dated today, February 21, 2017, and is valid now and until his last day, and is given with infinite gratitude of his first moments of his first day, when he was slippery in my arms, as I cried, “He is so beautiful!”

His Mom



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