January: Possibly the Best Month Ever

For those keeping track, I quit my teaching job last month and had no idea what to do next. I have to say that I enjoyed the students A LOT (college freshmen) but not the job. I found myself just wanting to dump the syllabus and sit and shoot the shit with them, talk ideas. I realized that someone is paying for tuition, and certain services ought to be provided. It just couldn’t/wouldn’t/ and absolutely shouldn’t be me anymore.

I went to the Resume Writer/ Career Coach man. He spiffed up my resume for a chunk of change. And I secretly hope I’ll never have to use it–or his interviewing prep lessons.

In my discussions with Resume Writer Man, he asked what my ideal job would be. I was honest. I’d like to be a freelance writer and travel (that’s how I feel today anyway). He asked if I blogged, so I started. I had no idea that starting to write again would be so invigorating. Between both writing and practicing Ashtanga yoga every day, I feel like a new person. This is possibly the happiest I’ve ever been.

There have been moments of great joy in the past for sure, but those moments were about things happening to me, not in me (getting married, birthing children, etc.). This is very different.

Before my resume was even complete, my best friend, who is a therapist in private practice, called me and asked to hire me. She said she had made a “To Do” list for her business in 2017 and realized she had the same list last year. As she read her list, I recognized there was plenty on the list that I didn’t know how to do. So I said yes.

Would I hire me to do these things? AHHH, no. But when I told her I didn’t want to make mistakes, she said, I trust you.

I’ve been rewriting her form letters and revamping her website. I figured out how to transfer her domain from one host to another, and I chose the new template and images and wrote all the content. Granted, I’m not exactly efficient yet, but I know her and understand what she is trying to do. And it feels great. It’s fun. Maybe you could do better (I bet you could), but I am learning a ton and am satisfied with the results–as is she.

When this project is done, maybe I’ll have to get serious about scrolling through job postings again. And that’s fine.

My WORST dating experience ever brought me the office in which I work. He (the man who delivered the worst dating experience ever) asked me why I wasn’t writing, why I had spent decades away from something I used to do daily as a young person. He told me I needed a space of my own to work and be creative in (the fact that he was bossy, and extraordinarily condescending, were the least of my issues with him). And you know what, he was right. After our unpleasant goodbye, I kept staring into the large sunroom and envisioning my space. Eventually, I bit the bullet and bought the stuff. I’m a minimalist at heart and don’t exactly have a ton of cash for home remodeling, so it felt like a Big Deal.

It is a Big Deal, this month, this office, this list of things I didn’t know how to do. And this is a bigger deal, this voice in my head saying, I trust you.




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